Choosing a VPS for a blog

5 min readFeb 25, 2021

What is hosting

Hosting for a website is a service providing facilities for posting information about a website on a special web server. Such placement is necessary so that visitors can always go to the resource and find it on the Internet.

Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which many websites are located on one web server. Often the terms “ hosting” and “ virtual hosting” are used interchangeably. The benefits of this service include the following.

Low price. Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting that attracts most of the customers.

No need to administer the server. To manage shared hosting, you do not need to have knowledge of administration.

Convenient control panel. Hosting can be managed from a clear panel that includes all the necessary functions.

However, this service also has disadvantages, which we will discuss below.

Neighbors in the form of other sites on the webserver. Shared hosting involves the co-location of several resources on a shared, already configured server.

Inability to install your own software that is not supported by the hosting provider.

In general, virtual hosting is suitable for young projects and novice webmasters — its functionality should be enough.

What is VPS

VPS/VDS is one of the types of hosting, a service for leasing a virtual dedicated server. A feature of this type is that the client gets a virtual analog of an ordinary physical server with all the ensuing consequences. The advantages of the service are as follows.

  • Root access. This is full access to all server settings.
  • Dedicated IP address. Your IP will not have neighbors in the form of other sites.
  • The ability to install your own software. On the VPS, you can install the software you need that does not violate the hosting provider’s rules.
  • Unlimited sites. There are no restrictions on the number of hosted projects on VDS.

We will describe the disadvantages of VPS/VDS below.

  • Price. The cost of a virtual dedicated server is higher than shared hosting, which turns off some buyers.
  • Administration skills. They will come in handy since you will get a virtual server that emulates the work of a physical one.

What is the difference between hosting and VDS?

Thus, the main difference between shared hosting and VPS is technology. Shared hosting does not have the ability to configure the server and its own software, and the availability of available applications and supported programming languages ​​is beyond the user’s control. On VDS, the client has more opportunities and more responsibility: he can install, for example, game software and various programs, but server administration is also placed on his shoulders. Technical support can administer VPS in a paid mode.

What to choose: shared hosting or VPS server

Shared hosting is suitable for projects of almost any complexity: for blogs, information sites, corporate projects, small online stores, etc. This type of hosting is also recommended for novice webmasters. In Mivocloud, for example, the price for shared hosting starts at 4 EUR per month. The minimum tariff plan includes 5 GB for SSD, 10 sites and databases, MySQL, PHP version selection in the control panel.

VPS server is recommended for more complex projects, for example, for sites with high traffic or large and complex online stores with a large assortment.

Both services include:

What is a dedicated server?

There is another type of hostinga dedicated server, in which a whole physical server is rented out. This is the most expensive service due to the fact that you will have absolutely no server neighbors. All power will belong only to you. A dedicated server is recommended for large projects with high requirements for reliability, security and privacy.

How to decide on a hosting

First, decide on the type of service: shared hosting, VPS/VDS, or dedicated server. If you are not sure about the choice, then use regular virtual hosting — in the future, you can upgrade to a more powerful tariff.

Secondly, you need to decide on a tariff plan. What programming language do you need? How much disk space? How many sites? Estimated traffic? Don’t know the answers to these questions? Choose the simplest plan. As we said earlier, it will always be possible to upgrade to a more expensive and powerful tariff plan.

Third, find out about all bonuses and promotions. For example, we have the opportunity to get a free domain name and a discount when paying for a long period. For more details, go to the “Promotions” page.

Fourth, clarify all the details of the hosting provider. What is the work schedule for technical support? Where are the data centers located? What are the traffic restrictions? What projects cannot be hosted?

Fifth, read the hosting provider reviews. For example, on special rating sites. There you will usually find up-to-date information on the operation of the selected hosting.


Thus, if you are just starting your journey in website creation, then choose a regular shared hosting with automatic CMS installation. This option will make your life much easier and will not cause unnecessary problems.

If you are already an experienced webmaster and an ordinary hosting capacity is not enough for you, use a virtual dedicated server. So you can significantly expand the choice of settings and increase the performance of the resource.

By choosing hosting at Mivocloud, you get the following benefits.

  1. Unlimited free traffic on all hosting and VPS plans.
  2. 24/7 technical support works without weekends and holidays through a convenient ticket system.
  3. Data security guarantee. DDoS protection up to 40Gbps.
  4. Regular promotions and bonuses, which you can find on the corresponding page.
  5. Profitable affiliate program. With us, you can earn on attracting new customers.
  6. Additional services. In Mivocloud, you can immediately buy hosting, VDS servers, Cloud Server and Dedicated Server.
  7. Automatic CMS installation. With us, you can automatically install popular content management systems.
  8. Competitive prices. We value our customers, so we set the cost of the minimum tariff at 4 EUR.
  9. Premium hardware with SSD. Mivocloud clients are serviced on professional Dell hardware with SSD disks.
  10. Own control panel. We use a proprietary panel for the most thoughtful and convenient site management.
  11. Reliable data centers. Our equipment is located in reliable data centers: Moldova and Romania.
  12. Lots of payment methods: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Payeer.

Join us and see for yourself the quality of our services. We hope that now you have no questions left about how hosting differs from VPS and which of these services is better. Leave comments, share the article on social networks.

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